Dear Fellow Clergyperson,

In the past few months, I have had good conversations with several of my
fellow presbyters and some of our bishops.  I have a sense that the Anglican
churches in Tennessee may be called to a greater level of connectivity.
Bishop Beach (of the Diocese of the South) and Canon Mary Hays (of the
Diocese of Pittsburgh) independently suggested to me that this connectivity
would best form in the context of Christian fellowship and personal

Many of us are in different jurisdictions, and we come from a variety of
traditions.  I know we share a common goal for the growth of Christ’s
Kingdom in our region through the Anglican Church.  In order to realize that
goal, I think it will be helpful to build fellowship among us and our

In order to build godly relationships, Church of the Redeemer hopes to offer
some events that will be of benefit to you.  We are not trying to recruit
anyone into an organization.  Rather, we’re just hoping to give clergy a
chance to get to know each other.

I am writing today to invite you to a clergy gathering on Tuesday, September
18th here in Nashville.  All Anglican clergy in Tennessee, or bordering
areas, are welcome to attend.  We will begin at 11:00 a.m. at Church of the
Redeemer, 920 Caldwell Lane.  A good lunch will be provided.

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Stephen Mansfield.  You may know his book
“the Faith of George W. Bush.”  Dr. Mansfield is a New York Times best
selling author, and a much sought after speaker.  His most recent book is
“The Mormonizing of America.”  I’ve asked him to speak to us about the
Mormon faith, its influence in America, and how the church might respond.
Also, each of us will get a copy of the book.

After Dr. Mansfield speaks and answers our questions, I’m going to ask us
to share with one another about what God is doing in our churches.  I’m
hoping that we will each bring some good news, even if we are in hard
seasons.  I also hope we will be able to share what new works we might be
involved in.  Finally, I hope that we will spend time in prayer for one
another and for our churches.  I expect that our time will be over no later
than 3:30 p.m.

If you are able to come, or unable to come, would you mind letting me know?
That would be a big help.

On a related note, you may not know that we have little website at  At this point, it is basically just a list of
Anglican churches in the state.  It would be helpful if you would take a
quick look at it to make sure your information is on there and correct.

I commit to praying for you and your congregation every day from now until
we gather.  I hope that God will give us the grace to partner with one
another in the advancement of his Kingdom.

Be blessed,

The Reverend Thomas McKenzie
Church of the Redeemer